Tuesday, May 22, 2012

And we're off!

Did we mention we were flying first class?
They had us reclined and sipping Ginger Ale before economy even started boarding.
We tried not to look like we were enjoying it. Didn't want to spark the jealous rage of any passersby.

Goodbye Utah. Until we hit the lush, green forests of Jamaica...we'll be missing you.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Post Script.

Check out our newest nephew - Redder Adam Welker. 
He turned out adorable, naturally. Congratulations Adam and Liz!

Cars, Cookies, and Canyons.

Here's another series of pictures from AJ's phone. It won't be like this every month, I swear. We're just really busy with the part-time jobs, dreaming about Jamaica, and lack of kids. You know how it is. 

Almost every picture was taken our last week in Provo. We must have been feeling really sentimental. 

Selling the car. Obviously a sad occasion: I couldn't even brush my hair or change out of my pajamas.
We packed up a little too early and had to eat several days worth of meals on the floor of our empty apartment.
Cookie ice cream bowls. TRY IT.
Mongolian BBQ.
The Bean Museum

Since all of those pictures have been taken, we've moved out of Provo and in with Jim. We've been keeping him company and commuting to work from Draper for the past two weeks. We tried to fit as many things in on our days off to make up for last summer when the only thing we could do was Skype. Last week we drove to Bountiful for a hike that promised a "taste of Hawaii".  After three hours we still hadn't found it. We hiked miles of hot, dusty trail, crossed a single creek and all I can think of is that perhaps the author of that article took a nap in this small patch of ferns and couldn't remember anything else. Even though Hawaii evaded us, hiking is hiking and we still got to see Brandon so the trip was a success. He works at Mueller Park Jr. High. It's fun to see him in his relatively new but long-awaited element.

Tomorrow we leave for Jamaica. We've been properly educated on how to say 'no' to drugs, don't worry.