Friday, November 2, 2012

Just one of those things.

We've been busy. It's just one of those things. So here's a quick list of recent and not-so-recent happenings:

We took a trip to NYC.
Our summer in DC ended.
We moved back to Provo to finish our last year of school.
We lived with Grandma Baird for a week.
We graduate in April.
We do class, homework, meals, and Downton Abbey. In that order, unfortunately.
Our scooter is our only mode of transportation.
We went backpacking in the Uintahs. My first time.
We finally got a real bed after 2 months of sleeping on a foam pad.
I turned 23.
I sewed my first shirt from scratch.
AJ works two jobs and does school full-time.
AJ is the smartest in all of his classes.
I had the highest grade in my math class for almost a week.
We're developing grown-up tastes. Ramen noodles finally don't sound good anymore.
We want to start a business.
I want to get a Masters degree.

No part of me wants to shrink this next update into a one-liner so here it is:
I mention both offers because AJ is really smart and I want you to know it. I have no shame. Both Cornerstone Research and Bates White wanted AJ for a full time position after he graduates. Cornerstone -- Bates White. San Francisco -- DC. Two great companies, two awesome cities. Cornerstone did everything they could to get him to accept their offer. They flew him out, came out here, took us to dinner, offered huge benefits, everything. In the end we still felt like Bates White was where we needed to be so we declined Cornerstone's offer and accepted Bates White's. So next summer we'll be packing up our bags (and this time our apartment too) for the East Coast. For good! And for who-knows-how-long. And we couldn't be more excited.

So there's the update. We're super busy and super happy. We love going to school, love where we are, and love each other. Here are a few pictures to sum up the last few months.

I wish I were better at this. Thing is, we rarely have free time and when we do meals and Downton Abbey usually win out. Like I said, I wish I were better.